“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.” –I Peter 4:10

Did you know that we are all stewards? What does that really mean? Well, one definition states that a steward is a person who manages the affairs of a household or an estate for the owner.

In the Christian sense of the word, God has made us stewards of his affairs here on earth. Everything that we have is a gift from God! A Christian steward serves God out of love and gratitude for these gifts, knowing it is not how much we have that is important, but what we do with what we have.

Life itself is the ultimate stewardship. As Christians, we don’t know how much time we have to use that life, but we must use it wisely. Each of use has the health of our minds and bodies, and we each have abilities and talents that are unique. We bring nothing into this world, and everything we have while we are here comes as a gift from God.

In appreciation, we choose to share our gifts:

Giving of our time, talents, and property,
Sharing our relationships and the Gospel,
Taking care of our health and the environment.

Giving is done in so many ways — each to help fulfill God’s purpose here on earth.